Ryan Rock of Ankeny, IA Shares How Supplemental Staffing Makes General Construction Labor Recruiting Easier

Originally published on playbuzz.com


Ask anyone in the construction industry about the challenges of finding qualified labor, and you will surely get a story. Even when unemployment is high, finding skilled workers to build houses and renovate commercial properties can be a real challenge. When the unemployment rate dips, the difficulty of finding general construction labor becomes even more severe, and many general contractors are already feeling the pinch.

Whether you are a general contractor, a subcontractor or a builder of commercial properties, if you want to get qualified labor, you need to think outside the box. It is not always easy to know where those qualified workers will come from; according to Ryan Rock, resident of Ankeny, Iowa and owner of Empire AG, LLC, casting your net far and wide is the best course of action.


No matter what kind of labor you need or how severe the shortage of qualified men and women, the use of supplemental staffing can help your business thrive. When you turn over part of your staffing needs to a supplemental staffing agency, you will have one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on pleasing your clients and giving them the best quality homes and commercial buildings you can.

The use of supplemental staffing has several significant benefits for everyone in the general construction industry. For home builders working with tight deadlines and demanding buyers, the use of additional staff can mean the difference between a finished project and a cul-de-sac full of happy clients and a failed project and a lawsuit. “For a general contractor, the use of supplemental staffing can allow the company to take on more projects, increase revenue, and build their image in the…Read More
Source: https://www.ryanrockankeny.com/blog/ryan-rock-of-ankeny-ia-shares-how-supplemental-staffing-makes-general

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