Ryan Rock, of Ankeny Iowa Answers 5 Questions That Reveal Whether You’re an Effective Leader

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The reality of business is that not all leaders are adequately fit for their job. Great managers and leaders are hard to come by for many companies in competitive recruiting industries because not everyone can be one. For those who want to determine whether they are in shape to be a proactive team-head, a self-assessment of leadership skills can reveal the answer.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny, Iowa resident and President of Empire AG, LLC, knows what it takes to build and lead a company and team efficiently. He suggests for people who want to analyze their leadership skills to ask themselves these five questions to decide where they stand:

Question #1: How do you set goals to enhance leadership skills?

Setting personal goals is critical for an effective leader. Great leaders must know how to set goals for themselves and their teams. Research goal-setting strategies, and test a few out on yourself before applying the methodology in a team setting.

Question #2: Are you generally a positive or negative person?

The human brain is prone to negative thinking, but optimistic people usually serve as good leaders. Research has consistently shown that happy people make more effective leaders. Optimistic people have the power to motivate others through their positivity and cup-half-full outlook on life as they help others push past negative thoughts. Positive, motivated individuals are often more receptive to constructive criticism in the workplace. Effective leaders always look for ways to improve themselves and their teammates due to the value they hold for their position, the company, and their…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa Entrepreneur, Discusses How to Tell If an Opportunity Is Worth Pursuing

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The world is full of endless possibilities and opportunities. When multiple options come your way, it is difficult to determine which ones are right for you. It’s tempting to accept every offer, but saying yes to everything can lead to exhaustion.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa native, is a successful entrepreneur and President of Empire AG, LLC, in Iowa. To determine whether to move forward when opportunity knocks, Rock proposes thinking over the following topics:

Measure Personal Benefits

When you receive a new opportunity, this is the time to be selfish. Take a moment and reflect on how the new opportunity will personally benefit you. Maybe you received a new job offer, and you’ll earn more money, which is something important to you. Consider the potential benefits and allow yourself to be optimistic. By picturing the best-case scenario, you can imagine the ultimate advantages and future opportunities the path could hold, and you’ll be able to determine if they are worth it to you.

Account for Downfalls

After examining the positive side of things, the downfalls need to be analyzed too. Ask yourself if you have any uneasy emotions or skepticism surrounding the presented opening. If you have a negative gut feeling or think the opportunity is too good to be true, be wary. Opportunities that provoke negative feelings are the ones to be avoided. Developing a list of cons and mentally picturing the worst-case scenario can be helpful. No one should let fear hold them back, but if the worst-case scenario image completely turns you off, you might want to…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Entrepreneur, Discusses Why Peer-to-Peer Teaching Is Essential for Building New Leaders

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Traditionally, most businesses adopt a hierarchical approach to leadership with a “leader” seen above others. This hierarchy can lead to a one-sided flow of information and a closed channel of communication. On the other hand, peer-to-peer relationships allow information to flow in both directions and is essential for building new leaders. Here, Ryan Rock, Ankeny, Iowa entrepreneur, elaborates on the importance of peer-to-peer communication.

Why Use Peer-to-Peer Teaching?

Typically, the assumption made in a company using a hierarchy is that those in leadership roles have knowledge that their employees need. They don’t consider that the flow of information and learning can function as a two-way street that enriches all.

For instance, in a traditional hierarchical system, leaders may have false assumptions about the best way to perform tasks. Feedback from those who take a hands-on approach and actually do the job can better inform decisions made by leadership and management.

Benefits of Implementing Peer-to-Peer Teaching

Numerous benefits come from implementing peer-to-peer teaching between those in leadership roles and the employees they lead.

  • Peer-to-peer teaching can help to open the lines of communication. Rather than just passing down rules to be followed, team members can refine procedures through their experiences and opinions.
  • It also offers a more efficient way of handling tasks, and delegation allows more to get done in a day. Those in leadership roles don’t always understand what their employees do to accomplish their job, and consistent peer-to-peer communication helps to remove…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Entrepreneur, on Adding Value When Beginning a New Business Relationship

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A new client has signed on the dotted line and created a new business relationship with your company. It’s always an exciting opportunity, but it’s essential to think beyond the first payment and look at the ways to strengthen the bond of that new relationship further. Although the first instinct is to instantly knock the project out of the park with high-quality work, here, Ryan Rock, Ankeny entrepreneur and CEO of Empire AG, LLC shares some additional ways to add value at the beginning of a new business relationship.

  1. Send a thank-you note and personalized gift after the contract has been signed. It’s a nice gesture that says that this relationship is long-term rather than for a one-off project.
  2. Help them achieve their goals outside the project. See an interesting article about their niche or one of their competitors? Reach out and send them a link or clipping with a note letting them know that you were thinking about them and their success.
  3. Share your network. If they ask for recommendations or mention they need a new service provider, let them know who you turn to. Keep in mind if you’re not happy with the service they provide all the time, you may not want to share the information as you don’t want the recommendation’s poor business practices to reflect on your company. Stick with suggestions that you feel comfortable making.
  4. Go above and beyond with the finished product they’re expecting. Find some way to go the extra mile to impress upon them how important the budding relationship between them and your company is to you. You’ll always want to do your best work, of course, but find a way to make it even better. Deliver before their deadline. Handle something outside of…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Entrepreneur from Ankeny IA, Explains How Changing Your Tone Makes People Want to Work with You

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When speaking to people effectively, great leaders choose their words wisely. However, new research from Cardiff University adds to the idea that vocal tone is just as crucial as the words spoken with it.


Ryan Rock, Ankeny, Iowa based entrepreneur, has sacrificed his whole life for the betterment of others. Proud to have served his country, Rock knows what it takes to lead a team victoriously to an end goal. His company, Empire AG, LLC, is prepared to guide any client through their project, new or pre-existing. Through all his experience and time spent leading others, proactive communication is what Rock accredits his leadership skills. He further discusses theories as to why the researchers got the results they did, then extrapolates the findings to the office setting.


Tone Shows Truth

The tone of voice a person delivers when communicating can reveal something more profound than words. Tone exemplifies the real feelings behind one’s words and can fill in the gaps where words cannot. It is the sound pitch of voice that others respond to over words.


Sometimes, we as humans have a difficult time understanding or even catching what affects our tone of voice when speaking. Many individuals have a difficult time identifying personal feelings, too. There are often tensions and attitudes bubbling in the back of our heads that our present…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa Native, Shares 5 Tips for Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

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The life of an entrepreneur has its twists and turns, and finding your groove is challenging. Proper adaptation to the lifestyle for business success includes building habits and developing flexibility to take on whatever the workday brings forth.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa local, reflects strong leadership, hard work, organization, and productivity skills. His high achievements and goal-oriented attitude are what makes him a successful business owner. His company, Empire AG, LLC, is a single source general contracting company for design and build in the Ag-Industrial construction industry. 

From taking calculated risks to hiring the right person as your first employee, Mr. Rock has been through it all. Here, he shares his five tips on what helped him become a successful entrepreneur:

Tip #1: Love what you do and who you do it with

Any entrepreneur will tell you that passion is the fuel needed to prevent burn-out. If you do not love what you do, you most likely will not want to wake up at seven in the morning every day to do it for the rest of your life. Having a passion for what you do as an entrepreneur is crucial for being an inspirational leader.

When it is time for your first hire, keep your company’s mission and values in mind as well as your passions and what you believe will make your company tick. You want to surround yourself with a team of equally excited, morally-parallel individuals that bring diversity and innovation to the table.

Tip #2: Leverage tasks based on your strengths

Entrepreneurs wear…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa CEO, Offers 7 Brand Growth Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Know and Use

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Entrepreneurs are notorious for having a long list of priorities, especially during the first years of a start-up. At the top of this priority list are brand growth and development. A well-constructed and robust brand will linger in preferred consumers’ brains, which only proves beneficial for operations. Moving towards success immensely relies on wide-range brand knowledge and recognition.

Education, experience, and hard work make Ryan Rock, Ankeny local, a successful business owner. His company, Empire AG, LLC, is a reflection of Rock’s devotion and strong worth ethic to his career field. Here, Mr. Rock reviews seven result-barring tips any business owner can utilize to give their company brand a quick boost.

1. Engage in content marketing

Content marketing is a more modern form of marketing that blows traditional marketing out of the park. Its strategy holds value to small businesses as content marketing costs 62 percent less while generating more leads than older marketing tactics. Construct your expertise and connect closer to audiences by content marketing through a company blog. 

2. Connect with influencers 

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to add influential people online to your organization’s network. Influencers can be considered a quality brand-building asset by sending more online traction your way and helping…Read More
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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Business Leader Says, “Having a Meeting Won’t Solve Your Problem, and Here’s Why”

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Nothing is more frustrating in the workplace than feeling like you are wasting your life away in a pointless meeting, especially when it is only the first of many that day. Why do so many meetings feel like a waste of time? Typically, it is because they consist of either frequent head-nods to the boss’ memos or listening to information that takes twice as long to be delivered when compared to the equally effective communication form of an email.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny business owner, surrounds himself with an innovative and ambitious team. His talented employees meet all of their clients’ needs by creating custom solutions for each problem. When it comes to company meetings, Rock understands the basics of network dynamics- when you see gatherings as networks, you can make a better choice about whether they’ll be useful or necessary. He further explains why business owners should throw the traditional take on meetings out the door.

Define Work

A TED talk done by speakers David Grady and Jason Fried revealed that there are more than 3 billion meetings every year. Executives spend 40 to 50 percent of their total working hours in meetings, and almost 34 percent of all meetings end up wasting time.

When asked if meetings fall into the same definition as work, the answer is technically no. Yes, gatherings happen during office hours, but business owners need to ask themselves how much work gets completed during the meeting. If what needs to be said is more effective and time-sparing to say over Slack or email, then a face-to-face…Read More
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Ryan Rock of Ankeny IA Reveals 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive Through a Crisis

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The year 2020 has already taught our generation that anything unpredictable can happen, even a pandemic. Crises are inevitable and can be fantastically disruptive, but they do not have to shut a business down. When a disaster knocks the world on its feet, an entrepreneur should focus on keeping their team functioning amid any chaos.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny native, is a determined, attentive, diligent worker with experience in team-leading and problem-solving. A large amount of his Project Management background can be attributed to his time with Todd & Sargent. Presently, as founder and CEO of Empire AG, LLC, Mr. Rock has first-hand experience with keeping a team productive through a pandemic. He shares five ways that he found successful while maintaining a proactive team during a crisis.

1. Continue Open Communication 

Keeping constant communication with your team in regards to addressing the crisis and the significant issues at hand for the company is much more helpful than hurtful. Employees are more willing to stay in-tune with their duties if they do not feel left out and are aware of their expectations during the time. Business leaders should open up about everything, including what direction the company is having to take to adapt.

2. Exemplify Value 

As employees continue their duties during a crisis, managers and leaders should strive to instill appreciation and value into every worker. By boosting employee morale, you are…Read More
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Ryan Rock of Ankeny, IA Discusses 5 Technology Trends That Are Changing Small Businesses

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Technology has made an enormous mark on the current day and age; some say for the worse while others argue for the better. Any growing business can discover the vitality of embracing the full potential of modern technology. Due to its rapid pace of advancement, business leadership needs to stay informed about the current trends shaping the world of corporate IT.


Ryan Rock, Ankeny local, is the developer and owner of Empire AG, LLC. Mr. Rock found his passion for the construction industry through his upbringing of constructing on his family’s farm. He continued to find joy through quality construction work in college building pools and spas, as well as during his deployment in Iraq on different missions.


After developing his company, Empire AG, LLC, Rock has witnessed how technology trends have affected small businesses and the importance of keeping up with the tech times. Below, Ryan Rock highlights five of the most pervasive technology patterns of recent years.


Trend #1: Online Support

Many companies are embracing this technology trend of trading phone calls for real-time online chat portals. When a customer needs service, rather than calling a number from the company’s website, he or she will type what they need in a pre-set chatbox, usually found in the bottom corner of the screen if the organization has the option automatically appear when the…Read More
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